Friday, October 17, 2014

Hello World. Once Again!!!

Hello World...

How much water has flown under the bridge.

Malayalam Film Industry has still not taken lessons from Australian Cricket Team(?) Some of those meesha mulkatha payyans when I started this blog are big stars in Malayalam film industry now. Something like below

Doordashan Nostalgia was again evoked strongly by films like 1983

Stock options helped in making some money and NC owns houses and lives a settled happy life with friends and foes.

I miss Mumbai as well and is very much settled in a South Indian city

Most of the friends who gave the Max Shady Arbit Fundaes are settled (un) happily  in life is what it seems from outside marketing.

After analysing Scenes from Malayali Christian Marriages, I have decided that there is no differentiation and scenes remain almost the same.

NCs hair is still black while everyone else has turned grey or white.

 Time to get back. What do you think?

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