Thursday, January 18, 2007

Nariyal Chutney - I , Me Myself tag

It has been a long time since I cribbed about me :P and some mails in my mailbox claim that they know me before I was born.Saw this tag and picked it up then and there.

Here is Nariyal Chutney Unplugged - I , Me , Myself

1.Yourself: It comes in two parts 1- Happily Single, Extremely straight, Syrian Roman Catholic , Cancerian and a Keralite 25 year old. This part was sponsered by and . 2- Totally Screwed up {Fraud} Mallu , Duffer , Living Disaster,Lazy Ass ,Pseudo intellectually disabled Specimen.This part was sponsered by Nariyal Chutney

2. Your girlfriend/spouse: Nopz ; I am Happily Single .

3. Your hair: Short , Wavy , Black.

4. Your mother: Mom,Sweety. She calls me up or I call her up every night.My father and me are more worried about Airtel making more money at the expense of our family!!

5. Your father: The only guy in this world who knows and remembers the names of all girls I had a crush on and the total budget .Each time he remarks that I have made him land in a hot soup pan and aesthetic standards in our family are decreasing with each generation.

6. Your favorite item: My Nokia N Series Phone!! . This part was sponsered by a Nokia N 71.

7. Your dream last night: of a Majestic Elephant bathing in Kerala and me walking through a paddy field to watch it.

This snap is from Flickr Best of 2006 collection

8. Your favorite drink: Smirnoff (Shaken but not stirred). This part was sponsered by James Bond.

9. Your dream car: My First Car bought with our money.

10. The room you are in: A second floor flat in a North Indian town with TV in full volume .

11. Your ex: No Comments. I believe in the quote of Lord Alfred Tennyson that It is better to have loved and lost than never to have loved someone at all.There is always a scope for improvement when you know how precious getting or giving true love is. Herman Hesse once said If I know what love is, it is because of you. Herman Hesse seems to be more intelligent than me since he realised this before me.(This was sponsered by

12. Your fear: Nothing . I am a confident young guy who likes doing whatever which can make my heart beat faster and blood hotter.

13. What do you want to be in 10 years? Younger.

14. Who you hung out with last night(Saturday) ? No Comments. But I was not with a girl.

15. What you're not?.Typical Mallu Guy.

16. Muffins: The Best Thing that you get from bakeries in Mussorie.Never miss a chnace to eat muffins or for that matter any item from Mussoorie bakeries.

17. One of your wish list items: Meeting with the CEO of a well known company who want me to join his firm as early as possible after two VPs who interviewed me gave good report . ( About a duffer like me ...Arrrghh).This is according to the HR lady and a consultant who had been after my life for last three months.

18. Time: Sleeping is a waste of time.

19. The last thing you did: Wished one of my umpteen friends who is getting married this weekend a very blissful and contended married life after his treat. God save the girl :). In this whole marriage process that is happening left , right and centre Airtel seems to be the biggest loser. They Should concentrate on keeping people away from each other.

20. What are you wearing? Denim Jeans and Black T Shirt

21. Your favorite weather: Winter in Summer and Summer in Winter

22. Your favorite book: Anything that is fit to read . I am a voracious reader , you will come across quotations once in a while in all my posts.

23. The last thing you ate: Idli and Nariyal Chutney.

24. Your life: I always wish it was non linear like the books of Gabriel Garcia Marques and movies like Babel with old age coming first and childhood last or there was a technology that would make you stand at three four places at the same time { For instance , in my case in Kerala and North India}

25. Your mood: Relieved because somebody whom I hurt has forgiven me and she just underlined my assumption that I have a tendency to screw up things.

26. Your best friend: SJ & JJ in Bangalore , SM in Mumbai ,RV in Delhi , DRR in Kolkata , SAR in Thiruvanthapuram(This is a long list, that I really care about). It is a pan Indian network which contact me once in a week and contributes more money to Airtel. (God made relatives;
Thank God we can choose our friends.)

27. What are you thinking about right now? How I am missing the mosquitoes in Kochi at night.

28. Your car: I am happy with my KL - 7 bike but also love the KL -7 car in Kochi owned by my father.

29. What are you doing at the moment? :Answering this question.

30. Your summer: Something that makes me yearn for Winter if it is weather and what gave me a Pre Placement Offer when I was in B School.

31. Your relationship status: Happily Single

32. What is on your TV? CNN IBN discussing why Omkara would have been a better choice in Oscars than Rang De Basanti.(Duffers they are discussing this after RDB has been chucked out of Oscar race wish they had discussed this instead)

33. What is the weather like? Cold and foggy outside but hot under my blanket.

34. When is the last time you laughed? Today when I just met this guy , Philips Joseph who is working in Videocon who told me about this incident.

Customer:My TV is not working
My Friend: Hi , This is Philips from Videocon. I will help you
Customer:I have called Philips or Videocon , Sorry. Cut
If you are from Videocon , Please chuck out all Philips in your roll for lousy customer service , else ask them to change the name :). Change the name Philips Joseph to Plippy Joseph :)

35. When is the last time you shouted at somebody? I can't quarrel or shout with anyone . Just hate doing it . I have my own sweet ways of cooling anyone who comes with a quarrel / Shout needed in fluorescent written all over the face :)

Tag!!! Any one who wants to crib / yearn about themselves.ATB :)


Anonymous said...

"non linear life ... with old age coming first and childhood last." ... thats interesting.
as for "missing the mosquitoes in Kochi" ... i always thought it was impossible to miss them :-) after all they are big enough to give cats & puppies an inferiority complex !

Alex said...


voracious reader, missing mosquitoes, fraud

Cheers man!

N A R I YA L C H U T N E Y said...

@ taks: You miss them when you are away from Kochi , You wish a bite here and a bite there and sometimes you miss the killing part too :)

N A R I YA L C H U T N E Y said...

@ More to come . This is the beginning , Welcome to the party . BTW I find your blogs pretty interesting :D

Alex said...


Priya said...

he he he :D good one..


silverine said...

Hilarious!!! :))
A really good one!!!

"This part was sponsered by and"

That was absolutely hilarious! What can I say but liked the humorous vein in which you have answered the questions :)

p.s. why the comment moderation? don't tell me you went thru what I went thru...nasty and personal comments?

N A R I YA L C H U T N E Y said...

@Alexx , Priya : :)

@Sliverine:I am aurprised at how people advertise in Matrimonials highlighting only the good sides . Teh world would have been a much nicer place to live if everybody in earth was so nice , kind hearted , god fearing and all that @$@#.

Ya Ya , There are some interesting comments that come once in a while , for whichomment moderation is necessary :)

mathew said...

philips from videocon!!

Lol!!good one..hilariously written tag!!

Jade said...

or there was a technology that would make you stand at three four places at the same time { For instance , in my case in Kerala and North India}

I so know what you mean! I wished that last night while talking to my grandmother on the phone.. :)

Sarah said...

"Your favorite weather: Winter in Summer and Summer in Winter"

You sounded very much like my oldest daughter who wants a little bit of snow in summer and a little bit of sun in the winter!( this after struggling to walk to her school at -16 degrees and 2 feet of snow!!)

N A R I YA L C H U T N E Y said...

@ Jasmine : Ya same wish originated here after talking to my parents :).

@Sarah:Ya when we have something we wish for someother thing , quite natural from your daughter and me :)