Thursday, October 16, 2008

I am a Communist who believes in God

Other Communists will call this A WONDERFUL NONSENSE. There are is a communists who believe believes in God .

Some More Wonderful Nonsenses.

  • A real Communist is never after any ceremonial posts. The party is supreme.
- Yes , That is why ex-comrades like K R Gowriamma , M V Raghavan were expelled and V S Achutanandan was sidelined in last assembly elections.

  • Hartals are a hindrance to the state's development. We have had enough. Both the parties -- the Left and the Congress -- are culprits. If they don't stop such activities, investments will never flow into the state. It was an advice which I still believe in.
- Yes , Pakshe Pothinte Cheviyil Vedam Othiyittu Karyam Undo.

Friday, October 03, 2008

Minisha Lamba's Cleavage - Ju Ju Beee

Ju Ju Beeee. That is the only way to describe Minisha Lamba's Cleavage . Minisha said in a Rediff interview "To play that girl [in Kidnap], I had to have a fit body and wear clothes that I normally would never wear."

My weekends are usually spent in Malls or cinema theaters when I am not hiking or is living a peaceful married life at my home and I refrain from writing about these movies . But KIDNAP is such a crappy movie that even I agree with Rediff review that it is more cleavage than Kidnap. Ju Ju Beeee.