Thursday, October 16, 2008

I am a Communist who believes in God

Other Communists will call this A WONDERFUL NONSENSE. There are is a communists who believe believes in God .

Some More Wonderful Nonsenses.

  • A real Communist is never after any ceremonial posts. The party is supreme.
- Yes , That is why ex-comrades like K R Gowriamma , M V Raghavan were expelled and V S Achutanandan was sidelined in last assembly elections.

  • Hartals are a hindrance to the state's development. We have had enough. Both the parties -- the Left and the Congress -- are culprits. If they don't stop such activities, investments will never flow into the state. It was an advice which I still believe in.
- Yes , Pakshe Pothinte Cheviyil Vedam Othiyittu Karyam Undo.


Nikhil Narayanan said...

From what I have learnt MP Abdulla is a good commie and that is why some non issues like his visit to a Nadi Astrologer have been brought up for no reason.(I mean for some mileage).

Party is supreme for the commies-as they say asthikk pidichataa.
May be EMS and a few belong to that league. They left everything for the party.
Not the Pinarayis or the Kodiyeris.


scorpiogenius said...

u a communist??? but u appeared sensible...!!

just joking...

Ajith said...

I think this MP is honest, straight forward and daring.Not like others rubber stamps of the party, who will dance according to the polit beuro for a seat.

Commies do not like god because they identified it as a threat which creates division in society and people. If their vision of creating a society with no god or religion is accomplished, 75% of world's problem will be solved. Moreover they want people to believe in themselves and not in some superpower which doesnt even exist. So I ll never blame them for propagating Atheism.

They do have a superb ideology which is based on humanity, however as Nikhil rightly said we do not have real commies now. Definitely not pinarayis and kodiyeris.

Macadamia The Nut said...

Every time there is a hartal students in amchi Kerala thank god... what does that make them?