Tuesday, September 08, 2009

One year from our wedding

Not exactly an Ooh La La La but not at all an Oopz, Ooh, No La La la at all sums up my first year of wedding. Few lessons for all those mallu bachelors out there who may or may not want to tie the knot when they want to.

#1) Select a {NICE} father in law who is willing to share a "small" with you ;). You don't have to take the approval of your wife each time you want to have a small. I was very clear on this as I wrote here ;P. Very essential for a successful married life for a {NICE} mallu Xian son in law :P.

#2)When your family decides to give an advertisement in any newspaper please make sure that you are in the loop. Else you will get calls from long lost girl friends who never talked to you in life before asking whether you were the guy in the ad mentioned :P with a proposal for a relative from their family.

#3)Be prepared to discuss possibilities like Losing the ring , The ring not fitting, Food poisoning from the catering, The bride not showing up, The groom not showing up, Rips and stains in the bridal dress, The bride gaining too much weight and the gown not fitting and so on with the elders of your family who would have never considered you an equal before. This is a dream coming true for a Mallu MBA with endless scenarios and symptoms while analysing an MBA case in a class.

#4)Nothing will go according to the plan in first year. After fixing the engagement my boss quit the next day and some one who was a half crack took over as the new boss, then when we were honeymooning in a phoren land Lehman brothers collapsed and all the hell broke lose, people were fired LRC and my wife could not get a job. I was planning to shift to Bangalore with three offers in hand and all offers were taken back on the same day. Be ready for all these bad things and nice things like communists losing power. You need to face all these with the added responsibility after wedding and be ready for the worst.

#5)You need to define the division of labour really clearly after wedding and define a policy to maintain family peace. You need to get clear understanding with your wife that you will define the stand on India- Pakistan policy of your house while she will do the rest. This will help in averting calamities, disasters and tsunamis.

#6) Mumbai was Monster muse, part witch, part clown, always absurd, often charming - my rogue ballad; It was Mumbai meri jaan. Mumbai is generally and basically very bad for Mallu Xian couples.

#7)When making a choice between two options, only consider what's going to happen in the future, not which investments you've made in the past. The past investments are over, lost, gone forever. They are irrelevant to the future. Do a read up on Sunk Cost before marriage to avoid any conflicts around decision making - I think married men who read this post will agree with me.

#8)No moment is as precious as holding your first born for the first time. Ten fingers, Ten toes. She's laughter and teardrops. So small and brand new & amazingly angelic. A new baby is like the beginning of all things-wonder, hope, a dream of possibilities :P

Moi cents from first year. Have got few more cents on matrimony search which I didn't get time to update after wedding.

All the Best Bachelors with your search !!!!!!!!!!!

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