Monday, January 15, 2007

Loving(?) Son

Just a personal note here but I couldn't resist. Happy Birthday Mom & Dad . Wish I could be with you when you receive the flowers that has been send through Phoolwala .Thanks You for the two lasting bequests you gave both of us - roots and the wings.

Actually I feel it is pretty nice that they were born in the same month ten days apart not because I could send them one nice bunch of flowers , but since they retired together on the same day giving each other company.

P S: A part of this post is inspired by five ice creams bought by my father and mother at various points of life when I wanted to marry five girls whom I met at various points of life even before I completed one dozen years in this big bad earth.


Flyaway Mind said...

bday wishes to your parents!!!hehee..thats funny..icecreams to keep you off, from marrying..things were quite simple when u are young!!!

Nariyal Chutney said...

Thanks :) . Ya , Things becomes more complex with more parameters in every decision as we grow up.