Monday, January 08, 2007

Status of Dogs - Bush’ to guard ‘Saddam’ and ‘Gaddafi’ in Kerala

This is a special appeal from my dog Kaiser to all the dog owners . Dogs , I feel are very good animals (Just like we say ,a very good human being) . At least my dog Kaiser is a very faithful and obedient dog except when he express his affection by putting his paw marks all over my white dress when I go home.

Save Kerala is a nice blog where people generally discuss about so many things related to Kerala. The Caption Dog's Own Country howver seemed derogatory and I knew at least one person who supported the blog but loved dogs. So I mailed the author and here goes the conversation thread .

Hi Mind Curry,
I like the cause and the things that are being discussed out there in your blog . But Why have you kept the name of the Blog as Dog's Own Country . Isn't it derogatory?
Best Regards

Hi Nariyal,

I dont think its derogatory. People generally have the misconception that I am calling the Keralites dogs. Thats not the case. Its just that some of the things that happen in our state, and some of the mentality that prevails in our state is pathetic. This blog is to fight against those things ..the same things that block development and progress of both our state and its people.

I hope you are more convinced now.


"Its just that some of the things that happen in our state, and some of the mentality that prevails in our state is pathetic." . Totally Agree , but what does Dogs have to do with this ? Arent you under the assumption that Dogs are good for nothing :( , If you say the quoted statement about Kerala nad call the state Dog's Own Country .

i didnt quite understand your statement. anyway, i really find some of the behavior of our mallu brethren very pathetic and purely disgusting. yeah in some ways its shameful for this behavior to be compared to dogs, coz i really love dogs - if thats what you also meant :)


Yaar Mind Curry . There is an irony here . If you love Dogs but find our Mallu Bretheren very pathetic and purely disgusting , then why you call them something you love :P . Anyway Dogs are not so substandard so as to be compared with our Mallu Bretheren.


anyway the dogs in DOC is more indicative than literal..its just to bring out the disgust at some of our acts and behavior..and its not that i am comparing mallus to dogs..or the other way.



Now , as a blogger mindcurry has a bloggie right to express and write whatever he wants.

I was in Mumbai yesterday and according to this article in DNA titled "'Bush’ to guard ‘Saddam’ and ‘Gaddafi’ in Kerala a 43-year-old fisherman has named his sons after the historical figures and has the name ready for the pet dog he plans to buy as Bush.

Kaiser seems to have a problem is using dogs as a benchmark for humans . Kaiser has approached this in Kerala way and has formed an All Kerala Dog Association . The question that he asked me over the woofs and barks over phone is for instance why can't humans be compared to say a hippopotamus or crocodile or say an anaconda . It is with in his animal right to demand all this :) . Is Maneka Gandhi lisetning ? . Does Animals come under the purview of RTI ?.

If you are a dog owner , you can discuss this with your dog and let me know your opinion and your dog's opinion.


Sasi Kumar said...

interesting reading,

MC said...

interesting to see our email conversation pasted here..if it was for want of ideas or a lack of content, i could have provided you with more inputs :)however i am in the process of writng another post on the "Save Kerala" blog which covers the issue of the "Dog's Own Country" title which seems to be "dogging" quite a lot of people.

my dog says this was a fun article :)

Nariyal Chutney said...

Thanks Sasi

Nariyal Chutney said...

It was not due to the lack of content, It was due to the request from my Dog. Personally I never wanted to put the content . Hence emailed you for permission . Yupz , I am sure people would appreciate if you put a post like that .

My dog asks whether your dog is interested in joining the association :)

Aditya Sarvjeet said...

what a doggy conversation:))

it's not only mallus u get all sorts of people in all communities...jus chill guys.