Saturday, April 28, 2007

Kerala Family Blogger Search- Alleppy , Sun Microsystems , USA , Tamil Nadu , Father Top Govt Official , Hindus

This may sound really absurd and strange and stupid and a wild goose search. But who knows?

Anyone in Alleppy or some one from Kerala (Alleppy)in Sun Microsystems USA out there who can help this guy who has posted a comment in my earlier post about Kerala Media . This is a Kerala Blogger Search , the key words are Alleppy , Sun Microsystems , USA , Tamil Nadu , B:Tech , Hindus

satya said...

hi, came across your site when i done a google of mathurbhumi +.. Do you know a thing or two about what kind of ads newspapers might put? Well, i am in search of a family in aleppey (know subtle details like the family has two sons - engineers, elder in Sun micro systems, USA, younger studied in Tamil nadu) But dont know the names af anybody in the family.
i wrote to my friend in mathrubhumi, kochi, but he said after enquiring with the advt section that they cant put such advts!! If required it can be put as a news, but i am not interested in that.

Now, do you think some other newspapers (say maadhyamam, kaumudi) will put an advt which might appear like this:

I am looking for this family in Alleppey Dt. Only info known is that: Father is in a high position in a government job. They have two sons. Elder son: He was working in Sun microsystems, USA during 2002, 2003 etc…. His wife also joined Sun microsystems, USA after their marriage. Younger son: He did his college studies (BE/MCA) in tamil nadu during 2002, 2003 etc…
They are hindus
If you know of such a family, pls inform...."


Satya , if he wants to give a newspaper advertisement will be really desparate to find the family.Anyone who read this vague specifications , please think , you may know this family , the clue seems to be someone from Alleppy and his wife who works in Sun Microsystems in USA assuming there wont be many guys from Alleppy in Sun Microsystems USA.

I have been thinking for past two hours before deciding to post this on the blog and all the people I know who work in Sun Microsystems are working from their Bangalore Office.

Satya , no media may publish your advertisement with these specifications.But may be some journalists may help you to publish this as an article if you explain to them why you want to find this family.

All the Best

Still Thinking.
One Family ,Alleppy , Sun Microsystems , USA , Tamil Nadu , Father Top Govt Official , Hindus.

Now for all those people who come to this blog searching for Shakeela because of this post and for others who don't come to this blog searching all these terms , have a dekho below

Please dont ask me to help you in searching for Shakeela . Bloggers don't offer our professional or charity services in searching for anything and everything and delivering Shakeela.

The only mistake was a reference to Shakeela in an earlier post , please dont crucify me like this (begs)
I cant help you simply because, I don't have Shakeela in the blog and you are crashing my statcounter.

Mummy ka dood piya hai to stop scouting around in my blog searching for Shakeela.(Challenges)
I dont even know her. I have seen only in film posters in Bihar , Rajastan and Kerala.

Still Thinking.
One Family , Alleppy , Sun Micro systems , USA , Tamil Nadu , Father Top Govt Official , Hindus.


Neihal said...

I hope the person finds this family.

And I have the same (what you wrote, not the above one :P) message for ppl looking for Anupama Verma on my blog.


Sandeep Sadanandan said...

the one's I get are for "nudity". My bad to put *hot* search terms in blog.

If there is some friend in SUN, would it be difficult to track down a person?


crocodile said...

he could try some of the Mallu channels like Asianet, Kairali etc, during their song sessions - they broadcast almost any message, evn stuff like " anu, I love you. Sijo". most families watch the stuff in the evenings..esp the ACV channels which cater to Allepey. The internet is a long shot, esp for a place like Allepey - poor penetration. But Sun from US could help if he is desperate.
good luck

ursjina said...

hehe..rotfl..acxtually rolling on the floor...

hey..for thgis person..i wish ther was smthn like google family to locate families....:P

Ajith said...

Quite "Interesting" .. Shakeela pulling up ur Adsense revenue too ?

mathew said...

well indeed a strange combination..need a global database to find em..but tough luck to find on such a rare juggled piece of clues..

Anonymous said...

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