Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Happy Days , Sad Days

I think I would have been in III standard and around 10 years old and my brother would have been around 6 years in KG .I'd kneel before the picture of Christ before each exam and pray to god to process the application for letting me pass the exam and my brother would join me in exerting more pressure on the application . Moi always had an unknown fear about exams even though I never missed an A grade through out in school.Now college and post graduation is a different matter all together as you all who went to college will know.Simply , no one go there to study . You had laready done that is school, why waste time ?

We'd pray, sing a song in our sweet little voices and the benevolent Christ looked down at us amusingly from up there. Obviously I liked to imagine he was benevolent because he was supposed to give me more marks in the exam. My parents had such a hearty laugh when they came back from shopping , though I wonder whether they remember it now and I can't even think of both of us singing for anything together these days . My God! What a spectacle it is going to be :P , so much of noise pollution :).

:) Happy days, those were...

Inspired by :

These days things that I do include negotiating with people who speak in a language like this

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and planning to ask Himesh Reshamiyya what is under his cap when I am meeting him on a TV show.

:( Sad days, these are..

Missing those happy days and those little stupidities :P


Seema said...

You reminded me of those extra dose of prayers as tiny tots during examinations !!! In school we always had the final examination and Good Friday (meant being in church from morning till 4.00 pm)just rightly placed in the midst of examinations...but yours sincerely would always make it a point to spend all the time in the church in view of the extra blessings that would come thru :)) even if it meant loosing study time !

Gone are those days of innocence givning way to fond leave that smile ON when u think of them ! For once atleast we have those lovely memories to hang on to !

Ohhhh crap Himesh...nothing irritates me like that 13 13 13 13 ....

alex said...


Tell him that i aksed him the smae thing too! :P

mathew said...

next time..can u tell that am still cross with him for not giving good marks for my math paper when i was in VIII C!! ;-P

Jo said...

And when you meet Himesh, please tell him to leave the singing part to KK or Kunal Ganjewala whenever he needs a singer for high pitched songs. :-)

Neihal said...

NC have u done something bad/wrong, that u expect to be punished, why else wud u have to meet Himeshji. :P

ursjina said...

sadly sweet or sweetly sad...nice post..made me think of my brother n my days..:)

Nariyal Chutney said...

@ Seema : You bet :)how we are missing those days as tiny tots even now :) . Always I wish the childhood to come back . I can very well see that your time was well spend and you had extra blessings all through your studies to become an investment banker :).

@alex: I can tell him but the question still reamins whether he will answer us :).

@mathew: We discuss intellectual matters like your 123/5 tag now . Not much time to discuss all those old papers and think we should be thankful to him for letting us pass those :).

@jo: I see , as I said laex we can tell him but whether he will accept is another question.

@neihal: No i didnt. It is a part of my job . Professional commitments , U know :)

@jina: Hope you will write abt it :)

Attribution said...

Meeting Himesh Reshamiya?


Tell him to switch to something better. And save the listeners.

Bhagavane rakshikanne!!

Ajith said...

Himesh Reshamiya & Nariyal Chutney.. I guess that will be an explosive mixture. :)

Nariyal Chutney said...

@all : Hmm, I will try to echo your feelings . God Please save me . What if he replies to all these comments with a song ? :)