Monday, June 25, 2007

Weekend with Sivaji

Few interesting things happened this weekend

  • Discovered that my belt needs more holes soon , signs of a bulky me becoming slimmy me. Hail Non stop work and occassional visits to gym to see that all equipments still work and dumbbells weigh the same when I had teh last visit.

  • One of my house mates who was there with us for the last one month on vacation resigned his job in London and decided to stay with us in Mumbai. He seems to be inspired from that Hero Honda Ad about one guy rejecting an offer abroad.

  • My mother called me up and after wishing me lamented about the work she is doing alone at home and how certian people make good matches for cancerians . I think there is something fishy happening out there in Kerala other than the demolitions and strikes on Self Financing Colleges.

  • I cooked chicken with a friend to celebrate the occasion and was pleasently surprised to see the chicken that came out at the end was tasty , edible chicken which I finished eating too soon to my liking .

  • I went with the same friend to see Sivaji because I seem to be the only loser in the world who has not seen that movie. It is everywhere . - On TV , On Papers and even on internet and one of my old friends send me the pic below .

In case you dont know Malayalam this basiclaly translates into (World Wide Release tomorrow with Super Star and Super Director. Please call 094461 10540 if you are planning to shave your head and want to pour flowers when Rajni Annan appears on the screen) . Please call that number if you have an STD connection if you are outside Kerala.

  • Discovered that Rajnikant has acquired a new skill on rotating coins in the air in semi circles between his hands.The coins finally ended in his pocketjust like that odd cigaratee which ended in his mouth. Think these are the signs of audience getting matured because everyone is the theatre was shooting and howling when the coin was being rotated.It was an interesting experience to sleep in the middle of all those howlers and shouters.

  • Discovered that Mumbai sucks big time during rains.


In between all these last weekend I turned older by one more year according to my parents and few other people very close to me even though moi think I turned younger by one more year. The actual birthday is so different from official birthday.


GreatBong said...

Thank you for that marvellous poster.

chitra said...

Belated Birthday wishes

Black is beautiful said...

u slept when u were watching sivaji ??? :((
great insult to thalaivar....

Seema said...

Uppzzzz am I the only loser left behind!!! Be it…I'd prefer being a looser than spending 250bucks and buy some frustration…I cant stand that "super star" for more than 5minutes…LOL I've improved on my patience!
Best wishes…u r now the proud owner of one more year of yr life…Actually !
Chicken curry…aah I thought we'd have something like Mohan Lal trying to "cook up" the chicken in Boeing Boeing :))...I laugh heartily each time I watch it!
Pinnee oru sadhya ku ullaaa strong chance undavum ennu thonanu….good going, looks like mom's working at it pretty seriously !
PS - Mumbai rains are fun…only horrible catch is …Mumbai roads suck big time…24 /7 !!!!

Ajith said...

Belated or advance b'day wishes - whichever way u celebrate :) ..

I too saw Sivaji yday night..:D

Beena said...

Nariyal...belated wishes...good post!...and abt bombay, better carry your life jackets too in Mumbai rains!

flaashgordon said...

Havin a tough time already in mumbai eh? hearing scary cnn ibn reports !!

btw i'd thot atleast keralaites wont do those stupid stunts mentioned in the Shivaji poster such as shavin their heads, pouring milk on the poster and throwing flowers !! disgusting !!

Amooma said...

sivaji! and u? why? oh why? urangan pattunnillayirunno? for the past week?

and ur older? already!! so, actually, u must be 13 or 14? or is it 52 or 54? :D

Beena said...

i was thinking about teh comment by my friend when she saw teh song from sivaji.
its truw that rajini's make up man deserves this years AWARd.. not as best make up man but as best painter.

Nariyal Chutney said...

@ great bong: Hmm . Bongs and mallus should fight together for Communism , Rice , Fish Curry , Football , Intellectual Cinema ,Strikes and Bandhs and I was just wondering whether the hysteria in Bengal for Rajni movie was like that in Kerala :P.

Chitra : Thanks Lady :)

@BIB: Not exactly , I was smitten by Shriya :P so when she was not in screen I was sleeping :)

@seema: Ha Ha You bet :). But Rajni is not that bad re . He is worth 100 bucks at least ;) . I make better chicken curry than Mohanlal in Boeing Boeing anyway provided you dont laugh :P. No chnace for Sadya :P , you please note this . OK . Hmm, Mumbai roads suck yaar , rains are as beautiful as your poems :).

@ajit:Thanks dude , How did you like Sivaji?

@beena: I just bought a life jacket once I saw your comment :P

@flaash: Hmm , The times are tough but the IBN makes it too scary :P.:)

@amooma: Yupz , I am 3 actually . Please count all the ages in Single Digits :P.

Adheeth said...

you saw shivaji from Mumbai? How much did u shell out there?

Nariyal Chutney said...

@ Adheeth: :( . S little bit too much :P