Sunday, September 23, 2007

Toothpaste Ad Starring Sreesanth

Sreesanth surpassed all my expectations by automatically qualifying for a sponsorship bid by companies from toothpaste and FMCG sector in India Vs Australia 20-20 worldcup semifinal in South Africa.

If you were one of those unlucky ones who missed out on this match due to other urgent commitments like voting in Indian Idol or peaceful sleep on a silent night then half of your time next week will be wasted by all those who will tell you what an amazing match it turned out to be .That too you wont see India defeating Australia very often. Sometimes when Indian cricket team play , the players behave like those people who should be ayurvedically treated for arthritis and joint pains in all those ayurvedic hospitals in and around Kottakkal in Kerala . They display such amazing archaic fileding skills to the world on a cricket field. But yesterday was different and at least even for a moment the idea of an ayurvedic massage didnt occur.

It makes all of us happy when India wins because it is nice seeing your own country doing well anywhere.

Whatever happened yesterday , a new star has emerged for all the toothpaste companies and it is our own Sreesanth.

Watch the video below!

It is Sreesanth in action . An amazing delivery that bamboozled Adam Gilchrist and what after that , watch carefully.

Did you guess it right ? Yupz , Colgate , Closeup and Dabur are exploring possibilities to see whether they can sponsor Sreesanth's teeth by some means .

Such Sparkling Teeth!

White as Ivory!

Displayed in front of millions of TV viewers all across the world after each wicket along with youthful energy and exuberence .

Such a ready made target audience for a a toothpaste company to advertise the toothpastes.

Heard Last :The toothpaste companies have formed a consortium to reimburse Sreesanth 25% of the match fee fine that was imposed by ICC.They are also negotiating with ICC to get the sponsorship of teeth of different bowlers . One of the names going on the rounds in Brett Lee , who displays his teeth only while twisting his tongue at teh batsman.

This is not the first time , last time Sreesanth almost qualified for a Malayalam movie through his impeccable dance performance and that was the inspiration for me to start this blog.

That too was in South Africa . Last Year when India toured South Africa and Andre Nel had a major role to in making sure that Sreesanth danced in the 22 yards with a cricket bat . What a spectacle it was , truly inspired from Mammootty . Wish Nel was there in the last match for an encore.

The stage shifted to India and it was when England was touring India . Sreesanth followed his five wickets with a break dance in Indore . Watch the video below !

If you didn't have enough of Sreesanth , watch the album below . The lyrics here has been penned by Sreesanth and is pretty good when compared to the performances above.

Think this has only started . As Sreesanth zooms ahead with his deliveries , we will see more of this in action.

My favourite is the second video with Andre Nel . What is yours ?


ursjina said...

in the name of sreesnath, i can see u inadvertently advertising something else close to ur heart..hehe..:)

Srijith Unni said...

Truly a hot blooded mallu, who has provided some much needed aggreasion, attitude, entertainment to Indian Cricket..! We can take pride in that, NC..!

Nice funny post as usuaL..!

Have Fun, Take Care and God Bless..!

With Best Regards,

Ajith said...

did u happen to read manorama's post praising Sreesanth after the final ? If not, check this before they remove ==>

-- A classic manorama sensational writing :)

Nariyal Chutney said...

@ Jina : Hmmmmmmmmmm. Shuuuduuuup :P

@Srijith: Hopefully . But it seems that hayden and Gilchrist were looking awaya when TV cmaeras showed Sreesanth giving them that aggressive look :). Just Kidding .. Ya Yaa but a little bit hot to handle :)

@ajith : Yes , I saw that and I saw teh next one too . Apparently Manorama discovered that Robin Uttapahs mother was born in Kozhikode . Kerala govt has decided to award Uttapah 3 lakh rupees now . Manorama can take a commission on 50% :).