Friday, November 30, 2007


I love cities and I love marriage ceremonies.

I am having a crush on Kolkata after reading the tips on a mail from a friend about Kolkata.

He wrote as a reply to a one line mail on what to see in CAL-CUTTA.

If you really wanna enjoy the city do the following...

If you are a book lover... go to College Street and spend a lazy afternoon just going through the bookstores... talk to the guys... you ll be amazed at their knowledge...finish it off with a visit to the Coffee House... that was where the erstwhile intelligentia of Cal met... thats where the Naxal movement was planned... even today u ll find people talking about more than their careers. mobiles and girls

If its a rainy day... wear your floaters and go to the Victoria Memorial... then walk all through the maidan... watch the people play football... walk along the tram tracks

In the late evening go and take a boat ride in the Hoogly...
On a weekend travel a bit and go to a place called Belur Math... thats where Ramakrishna Mission was founded... watch the evening Arati and then sit by the river... trust me you ll find peace and realize heaven...

If possible sometime in the future do go to watch a Test match at Eden or an East Bengal- Mohun Bagan match at Salt Lake Stadium

If you drink... go to Oly Pub or Mags or Someplace Else

If you are in love go to the Lake Area and watch the oarsmen from the Calcutta Rowing Club and Lake Club take their sleek boats out in the evening... don't miss the hanging bridge there

Once through with all of this tell me I ll tell you more... Do see the VIctorias, Alipore Zoo, Indian Museum etc but do the above to experience Cal in the truly Bong way

"Wild feet stirring up the dust in my home in Malabar and I so far away"- Kamala Das


Here I come , Kolkata

At the rate at which I am attending weddings , soon I will be able to write an encyclopedia on "Rituals and Customs of Indian Weddings from Kashmir to Kanyakumari".


Adorable Pancreas said...

The only place in Calcutta I've been to is the airport. I'd like yo visit agian, someday. :)

Ajith said...

Hmmm..interesting..havnt beel to Calcutta yet..gotto go some day [:)]

Nariyal Chutney said...

@ AP: Yupz , I would like to visit Kolkata again . But not airport :D . Had to wait there for 6 hours on return and think now I know each nook and corner of Kolkata airport :)

@Ajith: Yupz , U should go and see if you can go to Eden Gardens as well :)

Anonymous said...

Welcome to Kolkata!

Nariyal Chutney said...

Thanks Kalyan . It was nice visiting your city :)

Anphy said...

Calcutta is one city i fell in love with, long before i actually visited the place :)