Monday, April 20, 2009

From " In Harihar Nagar" to "To Harihar Nagar"- missing those Malayalam movie dialogues

I saw "To Harihar Nagar". Do not expect that "To Harihar Nagar" will exceed all the expectations, but it won’t let you down also. It is one of those films for which you can go with your family and everyone will be satisfied.

In this sequel the four men Mahadevan (Mukesh), Govindan Kutty (Siddique), Appukkuttan (Jagadeesh) - all married and Thomas Kutty (about to tie the knot) looks more polished and sophisticated. The standard of comedy is not better but it does not disappoint considering the recent standard of comedy in Malayalam movies.

I have watched "In Harihar Nagar" more than
hundred times, thanks to the repeated telecast by umpteen Malayalam channels.Each time the humour never seems to be boring or enough.and I am struck by the simplicity of the film,and the characters who seems to be from a middle class family like most Malayali families.The dexterous script which d a nice intertwined humor that is so situation specific made the film seem hardly like a comedy.

entha penpillerkku ingane simple dress cheyyunna purushanmare ishtamalle.. dont they like..??

"Eda Oralu Goladicha Golpostil kayari pinneyum pinneyum gola adikkalle"

yea....Kaakka Thoorinna thonnunne....kakkakariyam athinte correct Ka***z evideyanennu...inyenkilum athonnu oori kalayede .

Watch the scene

My Favorite is

Ninte peru ente pattikku. Enittu venam athinte kadi Njan Kollan

Somehow the new Malayalam films does not have memorable funny dialogues like those good old Malayalam films like Nadodikkattu

"Daasa..ithu etha ee alavalathi?"
"I am not alavalathi man. I am pavanayi.
"Sasiyettan Ippo Bharaniyila"
"Angane pavanai shavamayi..enthokke bahulyamayirunnu..malappuram katthi, machine gun, olakkeda moodu."

The other film I saw -"Sagar Elias Jacky"- looks like a Bollywood film made in Malayalam. Jyothirmayee after her first innings in Malayalam has come back shedding the clothes as item dancer. The songs are not good, and resorts, boats, planes all were used which gave a plush luxury feel for the film and I could feel nothing but disconnect with the film, the charcaters and the story. Why does Malayalam film industry make films like this which has FAILURE written in bold all over the story and the script ?

When will we get all those good old Malayalam films with those funny slapstick comedy and funny dialogues back?.

Which is your favorite dialogue from that golden era of Malayalam movies?


Nikhil Narayanan said...

2HH was a little disappointing because of Jagadish.Over akki aakappade Jagadish.

Comedy il ettavum ishtapettath was:

On the lines of ohho, nee athum padipichu kodutho from InHH, 2HH had a series that ended with Saadhakam/Saadhanam cheyyal.

That girl asks Siddique if he could come for her programme in a hotel and Mukesh asks him to say No and then Mukesh says he is ready to accompany her :D


thomman said...

In harihar nagar:

1. Njaanum ente eee pilleerum vannillarunnenkil kuttiyude chaaridaardyam vare nashtapedumaarunnu.

2. Ippum aa kilavi thaniche olloo. Aarenkilum varunnathinu mumbe avare adichothukki chaakkilaakkanam.

3. Muthashikku nammude marichu pooya muthashiyude athee chaaya aanennu parayanam. Jagadeesh: Athinavar chaayeem kaachi kondu vannaalalle nadakku.


1. Achanaarunno. Njaan vichaarichu eetho kuthaka muthalaaliyaanennu.

2. Polandine kuriche onnum parayaruthu, athenikkishtammalla.

3. Vediyundakal paanju verumbool virimaar kaanichu kodukkendi varum.

4. Kya half bottle ya full bottle.

Dasan Vijayan trilogy:

1. Look mister, I'm not an alavalaadi. Im pavanaayi. Ningal kaaranam maanam pooya oru paavam professional killer.

2. Njaan koovar kazhuthayaanenkil nee hippoppotamus aanu.

3. You too brutus.

4. Hello Mr Perrera. CID escape.

4. Njaan Bcom 1st class aanu. Eee pavathinu collegil pookanulla chuttupaadonnumillaarunnu.

5. I no thief, i no thief, i cid of india.