Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Pathrosum , Mohanlalum , Oru New Yearum Pinne Njanum

Pathrosinte Mone ! New Year started with Mohanlal roaring at me from a T V Screen when I switched on the TV after my early morning jog . I watched this movie for five minutes in Surya T V and decided that it is a timewaste . They saw a tiger roaring when ever Mohanlal walked , danced and smashed villians.Somehow using Tiger as a metaphor for Mohanlal who was smashing six foot villians left , right and centre on the television screen on a New Year's day did not appeal to me.

I peeked into the mobile phone screen and there were 27 messages from kin , kith and long lost friends in addition to the 32 messages that I had replied to before midnight.It is nice to know that people remember you on occassions like New Year , Christmas etc especially your ex gal friends :)(Some people who are reading this blog may argue that I have a long list of ex , ex and ex .Let me assure you that my ex relationships were as long and wide enough to be written on the back of a postage stamp } . Coming back to greetings,I always used to wonder why people send greetings to each other on any occassion and somehow some stingy Mallus always believed that it was a waste of money.The only Logical explanation that I have ever come across is that when you are making a greeting you are making a deposit in the "Emotional Bank Account" {Hail Covey}. I feel like I am in a place now where I can start making deposits into the accounts of my friends and family. It's been a long year of regeneration, and in some places, I have withdrawn far too much from those I love. Time to pay back.Brr , I start sending messages vigorously to all people in my address book.I get two calls after three minutes .

Caller:NC , Can you please stop this ?
Me:Stop What?
Caller:Wishing People in New Year.
Me: What is wrong with a New Year Wish?. According to Covey....
Caller: You have wished me five times in last three days , till 2012
Me: Oopz Soory , Happy New Year
Caller:If you ever tell me happy new year Again in my life , I am going to Kill you

I realise that there is an immediate threat to life on the first day of New Year , So I cut the phone.

I stopped making any more deposits in emotional bank account and curse Covey.

Wondering whether I will get a new idea about the company I always wanted to start , I start reading the book "High Performance Entrepreneur" by Subroto Bagchi . I realise that difficult though setting up a business is, becoming a high-performance entrepreneur is harder still. And yet of the many thousands who try, there are those who go on to become successful, some even graduate to setting up companies that hold their own against the toughest competition, becoming icons of achievement like Subroto Bagchi , Ashok Soota and other Mindtree founders .What is remarkable is that this book is about so many non TATA non Birla types like you and me who were not born with a Silver Spoon in mouth and were successful in life. This book is seriously good and I decide that next time when I am bored with my job I will start my own company or will apply to Mind Tree .

Then I switch on the TV again and I see some Mallu Channels showing protests against Saddam Hussein's execution in various parts of Kerala. This is what I call " A Wonderful Nonsense". Mallus strike for each and every macro and micro issues . I decide that I wont be starting my company inspired from the high performance entrepreneur in Kerala of all the places even if I want to start it in Antartica.

I became tired of the anti Bush Rhetoric soon and decide that it is time to make new year Resolutions.

My first new year resolution is that I will make a New Year Resolution!

My second new year resolution is that I wont forget my New Year Resolutions.

My third new year resolution is that I wont get obsessed with or die for my New Year Resolution.

Then I again make my favorite new year resolution of the back packing trip in Europe. I have been making this resolution since I saw Dilwalwe Dulhaniya Le Jayengein 1994 and this is my succesful twelfth repeatition of making this new year resolution .

I again make my second new year resolution that I will work hard with an urge to excel to increase my salary . Since my salary has been already increased with a Bang , I consider this new year resolution as already been achieved.

I decide that it is time to drink a coffee in the foggy Delhi weather .

I stare at the foggy Delhi skies wondering how many people would have missed New Year Celebrations , Flights and Trains because of fog.

There is nothing like sipping a hot South Indian filter coffee in a cold North Indian winter and musing about Life.

Life is like having a cup of tea.
You sit by the side of the window, lift the cup and take a careless sip,
Only to realize, somebody forgot to put the sugar.
Too lazy to go for it you somehow struggle through the sugarless cup.
Until you discover un-dissolved sugar crystal sitting at the bottom.

---That's Life---


Shikha said...

Mohanlal on Surya TV: I presume it was "Ninakku onnum ariyilla, kaaranam nee kutti aanu"? Truly a waste of time.

Emotional Bank Account: I started making deposits into this majorly this year - cos I had a huge address book, and thought why not. The process started on Friendship Day, and then there were many occasions afterwards. Not got any death threats yet thou :)

A Wonderful Nonsense: *Grin*; Agree, agree and agree.

Life is like a cup of tea: ROTFL :). I love tea, and I love life ;)

silverine said...

That was a good read ! Especially the ending. Wishing you the best and hoping you do start a mindtree :)

Jasmine said...

I find new year messages so fake. It's New Year, so they choose to remember me? What crap. I think there are a zillion better ways to make a deposit in an Emotional Bank Account, don't you?

Oh, and brilliant new year resolutions, btw. :)

Nariyal Chutney said...

It as the same one Shikha . May be you should follow a SIP to get more returns from an emotional bank Account . Who knows :)? There are so many wonderful nonsenses . Let us see I will write about some more :)

Nariyal Chutney said...

Thank You Silverine . I dont want to start another mindtree . Whihcever company I start , me sure the company will be really successful if you are there in corp comm :)

Nariyal Chutney said...

Ya , There are zillion better ways but sometimes you forget it . All the Best for your interviews :)

Seema said...

Waw that was hilarious bits of the day !!!
"Stingy Mallus"...LOL
All da best at yr 2007 resolutions ;) it just gets better each time, i must say !
BTW if not MINDTREE a la Mindtree for sure !

Nariyal Chutney said...

Thanks Seema , Expect more nice poems from you in 2007 :)

taks said...

Recently blog-hopped to this "simbly wunderrfull God's own blog". Nice post. Esp liked the last poem, about Life and the analogy to the 'un-disolved sugar'