Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Rose & Lotus

There was a Red Rose and there was a Red lotus. Rose and Lotus lived in two ponds and lot of flowers came to visit them often through a common path.Rose and Lotus were good friends .

One day an extremely red and beautiful petal that came in lotus was appreciated by 21 flowers.Rose also had a more beautiful red petal that was apreciated by 64 flowers including Lotus sometime back.Rose on seeing the petal in lotus thought that Lotus had crushed and used the more beautiful red petal from rose to make the new lotus petal.Rose forgot that Lotus had never failed in acknowledging a good work or petal and that is how the friendship with Rose started.

Lotus remembered seeing the rose petal after rose alleged that lotus had crushed and used her petals to give more red colour to lotus petals but apparently there is only one question that is asked during a Syrian Christian marriage in the nupital ceremony and lotus knows that his conscience is clear. Lotus had stopped intentional copying in Clas III way back in 1988 when he was caught red handed by Mathematics Teacher for copying a maths answer and was given two proper smacks.Lotus also knows that petals are all about honesty and making friends and there is no point in stealing a petal from rose because other flowers that visit both of them will identify the rose petal very soon and it will be an extremely foolish action.None of the other flowers also realised that Rose had a similar petal sometime back and Rose is also cross with them as in naaraaz hein.

Lotus also does not blame rose for what she says , since he does not have any proof.Lotus had always viewed all petals as an escape from the monotonus work and have never felt the need to steal or crush any petals that belong to rose or anyone else without acknowledgement.Lotus thinks that lotus petals are as beautiful as other lotus petals and rose petals are as beautiful as other rose petals making a rose as beautiful as a rose and a lotus as beautiful as a lotus.Nobody can say a red lotus is more beautiful than red rose or red rose is more beautiful than a red lotus.

Hope rose will understand.


alex said...

Rose alone would understand.

Because i certainly don't. ;))

Ajith said...

aah..Not intelligent enough to make out this symbolic meaning...But another thing caught my eye..See, what Google Ad is coming up in ur blog for this post and try to correlate with ur earlier post :D .

Shikha said...

Hehe :D. You are incorrigible. When I started reading the story, I realized that it might be an allegory... It took me two reads, and a cross-checking with an earlier blog of yours to find out that there was probably more meaning than I'd expected when I first read it.

Well, all I can say, is that I'm sure Lotus is a nice guy who doesn't copy 'petals' ;), and Rose, please understand.

Seema said...

Ufffff...Iam thoroughly confused..couldnt get better !

Enthaayalum Rose manasalaakum ennu vishwasikunu;)

LOL at the RED (hoooo athum added to the red rose n the red lotus) handed copying...KANAKINU nallaa pooshu kitti kaanum le !


Jubin George said...

Seeing the headline, i thought it's about valentines & BJP :p (it's called a politically-corrupt mind)

Beautiful metaphors, though the allegory will remain cryptic, exactly the way you wanted.

I'm not very hopeful that rose will understand. Blame it on the roots. Or may be on the upbringing. Unlike lotus, rose is over pampered. Watered, pruned and nurtured to behave like a rose. Have you ever heard of anybody watering a lotus? :)

Shikha said...

NC: I saw Rose's petal btw. Could not understand why Rose thinks Lotus has re-engineered its own petal since both petals are very much different (atleast in color?). Wud also wish that Rose understands that this seems to be only a case of sharing of life-force (read: idea) that gives vent to growth of a petal.

Didn't know how to put this more cryptically, suited to your language. But I hope you'd understand, n feel better.

Nariyal Chutney said...

@ alex: You would if you use your economics fundaes :P

@ajith: Not sure whether we are seeing the same ad. But I saw an ad of Shaadi Matrimonial and laughed so much . Lotus AFAIK has so many roses as friends and lot of water has to flow between Mullaperiyar from Kerala to Tamilnadu (which anyway seems unlikely) before anything remotely related to a Syrian Xian marriage of lotus happens :P. But it was a god one :)

@Shikha: Think you are an intelligent flower :). Lotus has thanked you for the consolation and nice words but says that he is not a "nice guy" and is a totally screwed up fellow :).

@ Seema: Yupz , In Class III the stick was big and long . Bhayangara Pain aayirunnu :)

@ Jubin : Even lotus has a politically corrupt mind. But does not have any relation with BJP or L K Adavni :).

@ Shikha: Hug you , dear Sister. But Lotus is not a senti fellow and is a totally ruthless fellow like Ricky Ponting :P.

Saaya said...

Nice way of putting things :D :d :d

In out computer language it is called as "Abstraction" a concept from OOC. :D :d :d

Only thing I would love to tell both Rose & Lotus: "both of them have been brought to this world with a purpose which is unique; they can not be substituted for one anohter ....hope they understand !! " :-)))

Neihal said...

so much explaining the Lotus has to do....hope rose understands.

alex said...


Athe athe. ;)

Too much of informational asymmetries. :)

crocodile said...

I feel like Dhritarashtr in "Jaane Bhi do Yaaron" when all hell breaks out onstage.
Ye Kya Ho Raha Hai? (plaintive faletto)!!!

Srijith Unni said...

Hello Nariyal,

I am a first time visitor to your blog and really enjoyed it here.. Your posts are really great and entertaining..! Shall be dropping in more often..

Have Fun, Take Care and God Bless.!

With Best Regards,

Nariyal Chutney said...

@ saaya: I see that you are using philosophy also with abstraction :P

@neihal ::P

@crocodile: :) . Some people may require some crocodile tears . Hopefully you will be able to lend them some.

@Sreejith : Bows! :)

Anonymous said...

You put rose in Pond!! Reminds me of "Ponnambal puzhayirambil" by Kaithapram….ha..ha…
Anyway...could you tell us the way to reach Rose’s pond? (I am so lazy to put an effort on it.) A clue like Rose in there among the N flowers would be fine ;)
Hence we too can have a look @ Rose’s petal (that is allegedly crushed by Lotus).
Lotus succeeded in creating a sympathetic wave (, I must say Lotus is a genius).
Can’t make a judgment by hearing only one side :-)
All Roses beware! Lotus is visiting your 'ponds' (probably) to steal your petals

Nariyal Chutney said...

Well , Well there are clues all around from my posts to the coments made by others :). Lotus wont require sympathy and this is not a support garnering post. May be all roses and other lotuses too should beware :D

Anonymous said...

Hei Buddy, thanks for the clue. Is that copy righted to Rose? Cuz I heard these kind of jokez long back.
BTW its time to update the clues ;)
Something else striked me after reading Rose. hmmmmmm........
And you should apologize for the usage 'other lotus'.(a self reference is ok but) Do you think others are like you? Always in 'thanni'?? ;)

Nariyal Chutney said...

Ok Anony , I assumed you drank Vodka :). Never mind , we will have a sensible chat when I am not in 'Thanni' or Vodka and will give u enough clues to trace out lotus. Finding it hard to trace all anonys these days :)Hope next time you comment in a name like "No to Thanni - Anony" :D

Anonymous said...

Its not no to 'thanni'. But I dont have the lotus property-24hrs in 'thanni'.
My apologies :-( I forgot to put the name that you have suggested.

No only to Vodka - Anony :-)