Saturday, February 17, 2007

High IQ ,Google Ads & Nariyal Chutney

The average IQ of the world is somewhere near 120 but if you remove the IQ of people who read this blog regularly moi assume that it may go less than 30 :O . Generally Moi like people with very high IQ like our President APJ Abdul Kalam and i am looking forward to meet him sometime in future so that I can ask him how often does he cut his hair maintaining a consistent length and design. Talking about people with high IQ moi always thought that Googlians may be among the people with highest IQ in the world. Googligans is a N.Chutney term (like UBI )for people who work in Google and Moi always thought that these googligans are pretty intelligent until I started this blog called Nariyal Chutney.

John batelle in his book "The Search" talks about how Google will change the world by matching the content of internet pages with the intent of the person who access internet pages. This basically means that if you are accessing a page in internet looking for someone to marry google will help you in finding the person through an advertisment of . First time I logged into or for that matter or I found out that there is no category for people who wanted to marry aliens. For that matter Moi always wanted to marry an alien because they have such non human figures as seen in movies like Men in Black , ET and Startrek and it seems pretty interesting concept to marry someone who is not governed by the usual mallu christian cliches like god fearing , convent educated , fair , wheatish that may result in a Big Fat Mallu Wedding .Opening a matrimonial site for people who are interested in marrying aliens is a good opportunity ( an untargetted segment in MBA lingo ) for all those MBA's who are planning to open a new business venture.

So when some intelligent googligan decided to mail me at about a possible chance for making some bucks through using something called adsense I fell for it . You can't blame me because like all of you I dont mind getting some money for spending three minutes in copy pasting and inserting some thing that looked like pub-2XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX9.

Before you read the crap below look a long stare at the left side of this page. The villain who came to this page through pub-2XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX9 is between my mail ID and labels.Now this simple action of CAP (Cut and Paste) Technology has changed the whole concept of intelleigence of googligans to N.Chutney.

See some of the advertisements below.

Don't know what is this. This came long with my past on more details about N.Chutney.If any of you can understand and decipher what they want to advertise or sell and how it is connected with me let me know so that I can help the seller and the buyer.

This is an advertisement about Top Stock Picks for 2007 which came along with my post on the Vodka Saga. Generally people do not discuss stocks while taking Vodka because they are supposed to be in their subconscious mind. Personally I think stocks as such is bad for Vodka drinkers like me because two stocks that I had made some investments on has been in downward spiral ever since I invested.

Bathroom Ideas came with my post on the irony of CM of Kerala , V S Achutanandan becoming the #3 best Chief Minister in India. As far as I remember there was some controversy when K Karunakaran was the Chief Minister and made a swimming pool and a new bathroom in Cliff House after an accident in 1992. Moi not exactly able to place how bathrooms and V S Achutanandan are related. Are they suuming that Bathrooms in Cliffhouse are "capitalist and imperialist" or something and V S Achutandan is looking to replace them with "socialist" bathrooms.

Cobalt Blue Green Lasers came with my post on how Blessy makes sensible cinema through middle class stories to which all Keralites can identify. If this is something that is used to make movies and I suggest it to Blessy he may invite to be the assistant director in next movie , who knows?

Sometimes I feel these advertisements from Googligans are not sensitive to market realilites . This advertisement came along with my post on Malayali Christian Marriages. As far as I know couples these days go to Singapore , Europe or Mauritius to celebrate Honeymoon. None of the Syrian Christians stay back in Kerala for honeymoon when all those foreign couples come to Kerala for their honeymoon.

Many Lady friends generally have told me after accepting the gifts from guys that they are not interested in gifts and they like intelligent people with grey matter and humor sense.Guys, this is another way of saying they dont like duffers like me(us) who are very serious and buy gifts wasting our money on these days of high inflation. Googligans have failed to get this consumer insight and this advertisement came with my post on eX and She-He which made me more miserable on Valentines day along with the advertisements from Airtel which started with the sentence "Valentine par kyun rahein akele... Blah Blah ".

This is what is coming when I am finishing this post. Any idea what the hell is Deep Freeze Labels and how it matches with the content in this blog.

Have a look @ the left side and see what comes through the pub-2XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX9 code from googligans.Whatever you see is the common sense of Adsense at this moment.


Jubin George said...

Adsense is the No.1 one contender for commonsense, and seems like an almost sure bet. For the title the latter reigned over for god-knows-how-many years, The heavyweight champion of the world of oxymorons!

mathew said...

lOL!!..u missed the chutney ad they have put up now...u are marketing chutney as well!! :-P

taks said...

Good one. Liked the no-connection ads & posts - Stocks with Vodka, Bathroom with our CM.
As for the 'HoneyMoon in Kerala' Ad seen with ur 'Mallu X-ian Marriages' post - that Ad was for the high IQ 'sayippu pillayr' regularly reading your blog from "7-an kadalin akkarre" !

Neers said...

hmm... IQ!!!

silverine said...

Take a look at the adsense ads inside google mail. Recenty when a friend wrote in announcing his marriage, the ads in my inbox were all about getting a "Shave". During the "sachin" post a commenter wrote in saying that my post was rude, the ads displayed next to his mail was "Date Liberals Now". I think we are not able to understand the deep and profound intelligence at play here.

Ajith said...

I really really doubt the effectiveness of google ads..I don't think i've clicked more than 10 times in google Ads over my entire browsing history.. :)

Flyaway Mind said...

now the adsense itself is on 'google ads'
i have never bothered to see those ads..
now that u have captured my attention there, seems really funny... achutanandan n bathroom ideas..heehee..anyway, it's a good way to earn some bucks without effort

Seema said...

LOLLLL...its fun time !!! Commendable IQ level;)

Thanx for sharing this n giving this dose of laughter !

alex said...

But on topics like economics, the ads are quite relevant. :)

Nariyal Chutney said...

@ Jubin:Hmm ,Adsense and oxymorons ; seems to be an instersting stuff :). Never thought like that

@Mathew: Am finding these days that lot of people are coming to this blog searching for "priyanka chopra chutney" which means that lot of chutneys other than nariyalchutney exist.:)

@taks: my two paise ads for "Kerala Tourism" :)

@Neers: Yupz , IQ of googligans:P

@Silverine: Think adsense assumed that your friend has a beard which needs shaving.

@ajith:Well, even I have not clicked many google ads but I do think they are very effective to get customers for small companies. The stock price of google is 500 dollars dude. In the books " The Search" John Batellet in fact talks about how many people are not able to differentiate between sponsered and non sponsered advertisements.

@flyaway mind : but bucks are not that much yaar . I put in simply because i was intersted in knowing which ad came with each post.:)

@ Seema: Dose of laughter in return for those lovely poems :)

@alex: Economics :D . Said the google ads have high IQ and hence they can understand profound topics like ecoomics.

Amooma said...

well, that was good. adsense post- beat me to the starting line, eh?? :D

alex said...


Nariyal Chutney said...

@ amoomma: I saw adsense in your blog too , but somehow those ads seemed to be having common sense . They were talking about the ethings that were being used by Grannies :P

Anonymous said...

"Deepasthambham Mahaashcharyam..
Namukkum kittanam panam".
Kooduthalaalochikkathe chumma click cheythu cash vaaangeeredei...

And I doubt this is a prudent mind's idea to make us click the ads in his page ;)
Drink Vodka with the $s you earned and come up with more :-)

Nariyal Chutney said...

Sure Anony and thanks for the advice and the lines :D.

P S: What abt sharing a vodka?

Amooma said...

really? i dont really see the ads, if u know what i mean.

vodkakku orallkum koodi kaashu kaanumo? :D

Nariyal Chutney said...

@ amoomma: :)

Anonymous said...

No, thanks. You can share it with Ammoomma (as Anony is not very crazy about Vodka).
Ammoomma undenkil njaaanilleeeiiiii

Nariyal Chutney said...