Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Comrade Achu - CIA Journalists & Chikungunya outbreak

Comrade Achu has added one more quote to his golden quote collection by discovering the CIA links of Kerala journalists.

Last golden quote was on how the out break of chikungunya . Chief Minister V.S. Achuthanandan has blamed the previous Congress-led United Democratic Front(UDF) government for the outbreak of chikungunya and dengue and other dangerous diseases in the State's health scenario. The conclusion that we can derive for the chikungunya quote was that the virus was dormant in the UDF regime and became active in the LDF regime.

Unfortunately there seems to be a problem in concluding what comrade intended on the CIA quote unlike the chikungunya quote.

Classical Marxism postulates that when an idea ( Karl Marx calls it thesis) clashes with an opposing ideal ( the anti-thesis) , what emerges is not the victory of one over the other , but a synthesis which combines the best of the both world views.This synthesis is the result of class struggles ; but over time , this becomes a new thesis , clashes again with the anti thesis to form new synthesis.This process carries itself till a perfect society , the so called Marxist - Utopia (What George Orwell called it in the book 1984 ) , emerges .

Left - Wing Scholars from the two monolithic red parties in India in cluding C M Achutanandan say that , India is far far away from this (supposedly) ideal state of existence and as a result the class struggle against the bourgeoisie have to carry on.

In this context CIA is an imperialistic agent which is opposing the class struggle ( since it is against American imperialism)when communists like Achutanandan are trying to achieve the blissful state of Utopia in Kerala .

Unfortunately there seems to be a difference in the way in which Classical Marxism postulated about the clash of ideas and the resultant synthesis and the way in which it is being done in Kerala by Comrade Achu and gang. I am not saying that CPM should preach and practice classical marxism but they should least be doing is stopping gimmicks and hullabaloo over chikungunya agents and CIA journalists in Kerala. This is a party that has always opposed change irrespective of the chnage being constructive or destructive.They have not only opposed computerisation in 1980's but also have opposed the tractorisation of farms in 1970's and even asked Microsoft to log out of Kerala recently.The quintessence of communist ideology is embracing change for the creation of Utopia while in Kerala it is more about opposing any change (without considering the whether it will be progressive or destructive) by being the first party to call for a bandh or hartal whenever a change occurs.The primary parameter for any decision for CPI(M)(or for that matter any other party) is the effect on vote bank and voters and I find the diatribe of Comrade Achu about CIA journalists in Kerala ridiculous and silly.

Not only that , CPI(M) is one of the biggest capitalists in Kerala if you consider the assets . It has an amusement park , a television channel and several other assets spread over the prime locations in the state.Obviously the reason that you can state is that Without capitalism, you cannot bring about socialism in a feudal society and for that party itself turned into the biggest capitalist in the state.

Human nature is essentially selfish and "profit" appeals to be the instinct that drives any transaction and for people like comrade Achu and parties like CPI(M) more value creation come through attracting more people to their archaic ideologies . It does not matter how communism is followed in the state , what matters is periodically reminding the people that they are communists by blaming journalists as CIA agents and asking Microsoft to log out of Kerala.


Attribution said...

Call it "phoren hand"

Nothing seems to be going right for the CM not even heavenly interference for his ministers

Jiby said...

good one man...

the last line of the post was awesome...unfortunately for the cpm men of the calibre of pinarayi and vs lead the party.

nothing will change in kerala...guys who have guts to take beatings in college will continue to lead the politics and political thought of the state in the upcoming generation too.

Neihal said...

Karl Marx must be mighty impressed by your interpretation ;)

I do not think those living outside WB or Kerela even understand how these govts. work....

mathew said...

Lol!!funny take...

but the truth is really sad..the state of affairs we are in..

Strange that how many of our so called communist leaders really follow any communism!!

Ajith said...

I'm not defending CPM's foolishness in rekindling the CIA allegations..but,historically this CIA allegations from marxists arose after a former US ambassador to India disclosed in his memoirs -- forgot the name -- that there was CIA funding to thwart the communist movements in India ... No use in following that coldwar rhetoric now :)

Jubin George said...

(Publish it with your discretion, no offence taken if you decide not to publish. I have made myself the reputation of a 'communist moorachi' with my comments in another blog; and I understand, you, and many others here are regular readers of that blog.)

Achu is really challenging CIA. Now, he's making it really tough to decide who's more 'intelligent'. Knowing American paranoia, and CIA's legendary intelligence, I wouldn't be surprised if they send a hundred dollars to manorama. And knowing Manorama, who use their 'research intelligence' to ensure no person with even a 6th degree connection to communist parties don't get employed with them. Anyways, Achu is making lives easier for the mimicry artists.

Marxism is defined well in part, but you also know that's not all about Marxism. But then what's the connection with Marxism and CPI(M) or achu in particular? :))

And Orwell's Ingsoc (meaning English Socialism) is not the Marxist-Utopia, but the mix of National Socialism of Nazis and Stalinism. May be, your assumption is based on reading only Animal Farm and 1984. To understand 1984 well, one should also read at least 3 of his earlier works - Burmese Days, Down and out in Paris and London, and Homage to Catalonia.

Nariyal Chutney said...

@attribution : And he doesnt seem to talk anything right too :P

@jiby: Exactly and the new seeds of political thought wont germinate in the current sysytem :( , Sadly.

@neihal:Even our CM would have been impressed if he knew actually communism can be interpreted like this.

@mathew: Hmm, It doesnt matter whether they follow communism or not what disappoints me is the petty comments for personal and
political gains.

@ Ajith: Yes , there was it was in 50's . Think it was the first US ambassador to India. But CIA agent comments does not stand in the current scenario :( where VS and us is living and communism is dying all over the world. Public gimmicks :P

@jubin : All comments are welcome mate.

Think this is a publicity stunt and not anything that is related with CIA.It is not a definition of marxism but one way in which it can be interpreted so that everyone can understand it.I havent read two of the books that you have mentioned , but always thought that what communists had always aimed for is an Utopian state where a 'blissful scenario' exist.Unfortunately as long as I can see these Achu publicity stunts does not have anything to do with CPI(M) or Marxism :( other than just reminding the people that they are practicing communism , sadly :(

Anonymous said...

Nice post . Don't you think Achu and fellow comrades in Kerala need to learn a lesson or two about change from their counterparts in China ?

- Arrack

Nariyal Chutney said...

@ Arrack - Ya , But they are never in a mood to listen :)

Biby Cletus said...

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Expect more from you...

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