Thursday, March 22, 2007

Cricket Complaints 2007 world cup

As an Indian I do have my share of complaints when any cricket tournament is going on in any part of the world.I had been Suppressing it for so long fearing the severe backlashes that I may have to face if I opened my cricket pandora's box. Enough! I got a forward in the morning and seems I am not the only person who is having cricket complaints about worldcup 2007. Mukul Kesavan says that " The subcontinental cricket fan is a lazy, pampered know-nothing who thinks he owns the cricket teams that he supports. "

#1 . I hate noodle strapped Mandira Bedi speaking so much female non sense beside an eternally confused Charu Sharma in Set Max.(Female non sense implies adoring the shirt worn by Dean Jones , the hair style of Mr:Memon and exhibiting the sarees in strange colors making a digg at Charu Sharma making him even more confused)

#3 I hate when players get out cheaply and the advertisement that is aired when the new batsman comes in shows the same player who got out hitting all the balls in advertisement for a six.( Rahul "All Out" Dravid did it twice for Samsung and AllOut )

#3 I wonder about the effort behind analysis like this that comes in once in a while during these days. (How come people have so much time and passion to write so much crap and ending it with a Vande Matharam)

Here is analysis regarding chances to win the World Cup 2007 for India :


Year 1981
1. Prince Charles got married
2. Liverpool crowned Champions of Europe
3. Australia lost the Ashes
4. Pope Died
5. 2 years later India won the world Cup!!!

Year 2005
1. Prince Charles got married
2. Liverpool crowned Champions of Europe
3. Australia lost the Ashes
4. Pope Died
5. 2 years later India will win the world Cup


1982 Football World Cup won by Italy
1983 Cricket World Cup won by India

2006 Football World Cup won by Italy
2007 Cricket World Cup: INDIA

Reason 3:

1983: India has lost the only first match in 1983 world cup

2007: India has lost the only first match in 2007 and will not again

Still doubtful??? Watch out on Final Day

Knock out Punch:

1983 ? India stopped WI from winning World Cup for 3 rd consecutive time
and since then WI has been in doldrums!
2007 ? India stops Australia from a 3 rd time WC ? and then ???

lets hope for the best

? only subjected to its win against srilanka tomorrow.

Vandhe Matram ( come on India!!!)

#4 . I miss Harsha Bhogle's characteristic style and the only place where I saw him in anything related to world cup was in an Usha Uthup Song dancing along with Gautam Bhimani. His dancing skills are not as good as his TV charisma by the way.

#5 . I detest the types , kinds and the variety of analysis offered by all TV Channels . Wish they had the same passion about analysing the Nandigram killings so that culprits could be brought to light. (Some channels even offer live astrology predictions on what is going to happen next)

#6 . I hate when everyone from my boss to the taxiwallah who drives me around in Mumbai gives a suggestion about whom to include in the Indian cricket team and select their own team with their own set of reasons. ( Obviously people like Dravid and Chappel who should hear these suggestions are far away in West Indies.)

#7 . But Still , I love people and scenes like this when a 270 pounds of quivering man meat flung itself through the space-time continuum, defying Newton’s assertion that gravitational force is proportional to mass, in the process giving us glimpses into the crazy world of sub-atomic particles plucking a catch out of thin air. ( Quote Courtsey : Greatbong )

and forwards like this .

Whatever , Please come back soon , dont waste too much time hugging and huddling around West Indies like this .


Neihal said...

Oh I agree....I miss Harsha Boghale.. Charu used be decent till he started sharing the 'whtever box' with this Bedi lady.

And seriously who is the person behind this reasoning?....who!!!!!!

alex said...


Noodle strap. True. Since i have no clue about it either, i remain as i am when they both end with their talking.

Yes. I wonder how it is that, the 'selectors' i hear don't make it.

LOL. The catch was an excellent one.

taks said...

that was a nice World Cup post ! like u have mentioned, u have got some of the material from other posts & FW: mails, but still the post was very very entertaining.
And the hard core India-team fan that I am, I liked all the reasons which prove that India will win the WC-2007 - especially the last two reasons :-) Go India Go !!

Nariyal Chutney said...

Poor Charu is losing his lady fans also :(. Sad . BTW , all the reasons are my own :). Are u implying like Rose that I plagarised ? :)

@ alex: The catch belongs that heavy guy who took the catch.Amazing on how he can pay cricket with so much weight and bulkiness.

@ taks: I am an Australia fan if you dont include patriotism :).

alex said...


I did see that. Hats off to him! Had the heart to do it.

taks said...

if you dont include a spoonful of patriotism, then i am for anyone winning except the Aussies. For that matter, leaving my patriotic dose for a little while, I support the Pakistanis when they play the Aussies :-)
But i still love watching the Aussies play - they bring any game alive !

Attribution said...

I vowed never to watch those stupid talk shows featuring the Bedi lady with less clothing and much bull****.

She acts as if she still doesnt understand cricket, Charu, what colour of gloves go with purple pants/pyjamas?

Charu,the fish vendor I met yesterday mentioned that the indian team might be lucky, if i had worn those noodle straps and a red shoeflower.
For god's sake stop asking dumb questions.
Good that she isn't into active commentary.

Its all a big marketing/advertising opportunity. From fridges to engine oil to what not.

Ajith said...

So, finally India and Pak will be coming back together , except for that Woolmer's probe..

Did u see Mandira's dress yday ? Tony Greig was caught in camera ogling at her in the pre-match session :)

ursjina said...

me too miss bhogle..:(
btw can v expect an after ousting post?..or are u depressed to write on it?

k said...

I never watch those intermittent things. That's the time for me to do other jobs. Well, i am reading it after India is ou of the world Cup!

but i strongly feel that the World Cup match should have been stopped after they got to know that woolmer had been murdered. This shows that the critecket today is no whee near a gentleman's game. I am shocked at the attitude displayed by the cricket board authorities. no sportsmanship anywhere :(


Nariyal Chutney said...

@ Taks : Even I love Aussies playing yaar. Always they play as a team and there is no show of despair when a catch or stumping is missed . No emotion is displayed on their faces unlike subcontinent teams . I love their annihilation of opposite teams too :).

@ attribution: You are right . The insight into including Mandira came after the realisation that women doesn't watch cricket . She was supposed to attract the products like Lux , Refidgerators etcc. But seems more people are running away from the telecast tehse days :).

@ursjina: Not @ all .I think Indian players tried their best and they couldnt handle it . So simply we dont deserve to be there and no point in blaming individual players. If people like us are depressed then how will the things in India go forward . I hope you too are not depressed :).

@ajith : She is not worth my{our} ogling , may be Tony Greig's ogling :D.

@ Chitra (You are back to k):Well as per the statistics only 3% of the viewers with access to TV watch cricket . Still this 3% is supposed to represent the interests of Indian viwers . Me and you are in the rest 97%. But I dont agree with the point that world cup should have been postponed since it is an individual sad occuerence.

Amooma said...

ur posts r becoming TOO frequent, do u know?? X-( cant quite keep up

Nariyal Chutney said...

I see , It in turn means that I have less work to do in office :). It will normalise after sometime :D.

Amooma said...

oh. i c. any possibility of me getting ur boss's phone no? :D