Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Kidult Bloopers

Wow! Never in my life , I thought that MS word will do this to me. I did a Kidult mistake courtesy MS .

Soda ,

Can you please send me the specifications of all advertisements ? Those TV channel guys are after my life.

Best Regards


That was still Ok . But then I decided to send an apology for the mistake where again a kidult mistake occured.

Soda ,

I am really Sorry . The MS Spell Checker :(

The mail was send to Sudha and MS changed her to Soda. The second one had an MS hand in it because I was blaming the spell checker.

Ultimate Mammoo mistake . There was no reaction for the first mail but after the second mail I heard a loud war cry and shriek from the other side of the office where advertisement team sits and Sudha actually turned away from me twice when I met her today . She is practicing Gandhigiri through a non violent retaliation by not speaking to me . She may be thinking that I did it intentionally. Not sure whether I should blame this on Soda or MS.I think I should start Jadu ki Jappi by sending her some rose flowers

It is high time that Microsoft Indianise their spell checker a little bit to suit kidult bloopers.


Attribution said...



Anonymous said...

hahahhahahhahah soda ..hahahahha

Umesh said...

Hey next time take it as an oppurtunity to strike a conversation with some girl. I love MS for that matter hehe

Ajith said...

chuck MS, promote mozilla :) .

Black is beautiful said...

Tell her
"without u there is no right 'mix' (soda) "... or something on those lines to break the ice :D
gals like poor jokes (atleast thats what i think)

Jo said...

LOL!! :-)))

silverine said...


I love Microsoft! Period!
There is an option in MS to add non Englsh words to the MS Dictionary. Just right click on the red underlined word and choose 'Add to Dictionary'! Now my MS Word recognises even my very Indian name and corrects it if I make a mistake :))

White Forest said...


damn funny!!

Neihal said...

hahahahahaha !!

go write another apology, now how you spell it, Silverine told you already. :P

alex said...


The first time the MS spell checker.

But, sathyam para, the 2nd time?? :P


Seema said...

Hey as Silverine said...there is that feature wherein you add words to your MS spell check ...hmmmm unless these are deliberate ones lol

that second time was surely a doubtul one ;)

Nariyal Chutney said...

@attribution , anony ,white forest , jo :LOL :) . Let us wait for the sequel.

@umesh:OMG! I think she is married and has three four kids :).Now you can use other means instead of these street smart ways.

@ajith: Yupz , Hail Free software and richard stallman :)

@BIB: No they dont like poor jokes , their standard has improved these days :).

@silverine: Thanks , Thanks . Such a valuable piece of information . I never knew that in MS word you could add the red underlined words to dictionary . In fact I havent seen any red underlined words at all. Thank you very much . Again Such a valuable piece of information.

@neihal: Now since I have already blamed MS word , I dont dare to do it again.

@alex: Second time was alos MS spell checker . Truly :P

@seema: I swaer , I never had a hand in it . The second time was also MS spell checker . Now this is a chance to practice Jadoo ki Jappi :P with Sudha :)

Shruti said...


MS should think of changing it now..

Take care

mathew said...

well MS has its own weird ways!!neways waiting for the sequel!! ;-P

Anonymous said...

Me too a MS fan.
why blame MS when most of us dont read the mail before we click on send button.
Once my boss sent me appreciation mail saying
"Keep up all the Food Work"
Lolzzz !! You are not alone in this race :D :D :D

flaashgordon said...

Hehe good one

i had a similar experience once when i mailed my irish collegue Clodagh addressing her as Cloddish !!!

Nariyal Chutney said...

@ shruti : Not exactly chnaging , but adopting.

@mathew: These days Sequel comes only after 20 years like Sholay :P . But I can do an addendum.

@saaya: Yupz and for lazy people liek us they have spell checker :D . May be your boss actually wrote Food :)

@flaash : Actually she would have been really cloddish else she would have beaten you black and blue if she knew what was cloddish :D