Sunday, August 19, 2007

Appakala & Putturumeese - Cool Dudes

I cut my hair .

There is nothing new in that .

There is a character played by Mammootty in the Malayalam film Suryamanasam who loves eating Puttu . If you have seen that film you wont forget his hairstyle .

There is a character played by Srinivasan in the Malayalam film Thenmavinkompathu called Appakala . If you have seen that film you wont forget his hairstyle.

I think both of them are having cool dude hairstyles . Ya , Appakala and Putturumeese are cool dudes.

Normal guys cut their hair at least once in two months and girls cut their hair at least once in fifteen days. If you don't know , this is how all those ladies beauty parlours survive. Now this was a barber shop in Bandra and I was really tired so I was thinking about such wise worldly matters and other things that were happening in other parts of the world like How CPM will topple the Union Government and how much would have Poor MM Singh slept last week . Generally I am sympathetic towards all the people who have been affected by various facets of communism because since childhood I have been getting regular lectures from my mother on why Communists are the biggest evil on earth ;) ?

There was a TV in the background , there was a towel around my body , the barber was wearing clean clothes. (He better be , the cost of a haircut in Mumbai is four times the cost of haircut in Chaganassey or Adimali where barbers wear Mundu or Lungi). The objective of my going for haircut was simple . Next week there are three marriages in pipeline in Kerala. According to me until a gal says yes and a guy says yes like this , there is peace and harmony all around .

The present state of my hair was in such a state that my mother will annihilate me from earth if I go with the hairstyle to Malluland.I will be subjected to constant volleys and torpedo's and nuclear bombs on how in good olden days nice Mallu Christian catholic Boys used to cut their hair at least once in six months when R Shankar (Who is He?) was the Chief Minister of Kerala. There is no point in telling that i am not nice and i am a pseudo Mallu . So since prevention is better than cure I decided to make myself neat and go to Malluland. But barber had other ideas and he implemented his ideas and that too on MY HEAD.

My decision to cut my hair off was due to a number of reasons.

# I love the texture, the feel, of very short hair on MY HEAD but not on teh head of opposite sex.
# I always had trouble with my hair because a parting in one of the sides indicate that I may become bald in future .It is better to see my head with identical and symmetrical baldness on both sides
# I like the feeling that I get when a zephyr strikes against my shaved head while riding my she bike.
# This wont make any impact on my long term career ;-D and personal life.
# As a stingy Mallu with stingiest traits , I save some money on haircut if I manage the shortness properly.

The only mistake I did was I asked him to cut it short and he watched some crappy Khan movie in the background and cut MY HAIR. The head was MINE, the hair was MINE but scissors were in the hands of the barber and he cut it real short. Short as in the hairstyle almost look like a Mammootty as Putturumeese in Suryamanasam or Srinivasan as Appakala in Tehnmavinkpmpathu.

As a matter of fact I believe that hairstyle is a personal matter and there is no right for anyone to interfere in my personal matters ;-D.If other people are having any problem seeing my bald head, it is their problem and not my problem ;-D.

I look like a goonda from an 80's Hindi film from Gorakhpur .Now if I give one of those goonda looks to the gals back in Kerala , they may run away with fear and I wont come back to Mumbai and end up in Edappally Police Lockup.

I went to office the other day and the suppressed laughs in the eyes of few of my colleagues said it all :). I escaped by saying that it is a cool dude cut . But what will I say my mother . She knows like me that Appakala and Putturumeese are not cool dudes .

Else I am going to die under constant volleys and torpedoes and nuclear bombs from Amma , Aunties and god knows who else is coming to attend some three marriages in Central Travancore.

Any Suggestions on how to avoid the torpedoes , volleys and bombs ;)? .

But whatever...think I will take all the torpedoes when it comes from my mother :)


Attribution said...

I had similar experience some time back, well it was quite an experience.
I wrote about it some time back.
I had to dodge some really nasty questions and looks from friends and family.

Wear a helmet or HR cap!

Black is beautiful said...

exactly the same problem here.. except that i ll not be meeting my mom for next 7 months.. :P

Ajith said...

"# I love the texture, the feel, of very short hair on MY HEAD but not on teh head of opposite sex. " -- ppl can interpret this in different ways :D

Nags said...

lol.. glad i bloghopped here :)

Nariyal Chutney said...

@attribution: Hmm, It happens , may be it is hightime we convince them that Looks are just a matter of through what eye you look :P

@BIB: :) .U r lucky and All Moms are alike :P

@ajit: I wrote it with a very decent mind . How did you interpret it you indecent fellow :)?

@Nags:Nice to see you here too :) . U have anice blog :D

mathew said...

i used to get decent remarks from mom when try short hair..looks like a prison convict..thats what she says..;-P

Anonymous said...

shave your head completely and say that you have started getting dandruff.

Srijith Unni said...

Nice funny post.! I dont like the urumese haircut generally, though loved mamookka in Sooryamanasam..!

Adorable Pancreas said...

Appakala and Putturumese? LMAO! You could sport a menacing look to go with the cut, and girls will think you are the Dangerous Dan sorta guy from their dreams, and fall at your feet. :P

Nariyal Chutney said...

@mathew : Ya , even my mom uses the same dialogue :)

@anonymous :OOpz , then there will be a new olecture on how you get dandruff and how to void it :). But I love these lectures as I said :)

@Sreejith :Even I liked teh scenes of Mammookkka eating lots of putz.:)

@Adorable Pancreas : Yupz I tried to sport the menancing look but gals seems to think this is a modern version of Amjad Khan :). PS:Adorable Pancreas is such a nice name. I have never seen Pancreas because I chucked my medical seat when I got thru but from your name it seems soooooo adorbale :)

Anonymous said...

hey that was one of the best posts i read so far....i did read what u wrote about mal movies was real good...i felt i could relate it to my feelings..great going ...ritu