Sunday, August 26, 2007

Onam Special - Kerala Congress Onathallu in Kerala

"Kerala Congress is a party that splits as it grows and grows as it splits" - No Wonder K M Mani once defined his own party in his own achayan terms and his own party members are making sure that the definition of their leader is correct.The Kerala Congress has suffered severe divisions and several parallel outfits have emerged through the years fitting or not fitting Mani's definition.

Kerala Congress (Mani)
Kerala Congress (Joseph)
Kerala Congress (Balakrishna Pillai)
Kerala Congress (Jacob)
Kerala Congress (Secular)

The splitting has not affected the growth of the party since the main vote bank of the party is the farming community in Kottayam, Idukki and some other districts of Kerala dominated by Christians and the votes are governed by individual loyalty rather than development agenda . The connections are so strong that most party leaders know each and every family head by his surname so typically there is a solid base for each faction in each constituency where Kerala Congress exists.

However if you are outside Kerala you are missing the great fun that these parties give every year during Onam.

Last Year Kerala Congress (Secular) sponsored the Onathallu and made sure that Kerala Congress (Joseph) resigned from the cabinet . They are promising a sequel this year may be due to the huge success last year and here are the main actors and other stakeholders in the traditional Kerala Congress Onathallu.

Kuruvila Getting Ready for Onathallu by tying his Mundu properly Courtsey :Manorama

Direction & Story Line
: P C George ,Kerala Congress (Secular)

Hero : T U Kuruvilla ,Kerala Congress (Joseph)

Supporting Actors : Son & Daughters of T U Kuruvilla ,Kerala Congress (Joseph) , Opposition Parties in Kerala , Other Kerala Congress factions may emerge for Thallu after Onam

Umpire : V S Achutanandan , Chief Minister - Kerala

Live Distribution Rights : Indiavision , Asianet News , Surya TV , Manorama News , Kairali TV and other channels in Kerala.

This show is only available if you are celebrating Onam in Kerala. If you are celebrating Onam outside Kerala , then you are missing the great fun.

The onathallu will restart after Onam.

Celebrate Onam and watch the rest of Onathallu.

Happy Onam , Everyone :)

May the good God bless you and fill your heart with joy & happiness. May the color and flowers of Onam fill your home with happiness and joy.

Please don't forget to see the rest of Onathallu.


Jac said...

My Onam wishes, chammanthi !

Pradeep said...

The way Kerala is going is pathetic!

Black is beautiful said...

what is onathallu ?

mathew said...

hehe.earlier i used to take great pleasure in tracking our politics..but these days it is irritating to the core...
and Kerala congress has always been a one man party..!!;-P

Jo said...

Happy Onam NC! :-)

Nariyal Chutney said...

Thank You Jac .hope you had a nice Onam in Africa :)

Pradeep:Ya , @ least the way Kerala Congress is going is pathetic

Nariyal Chutney said...

@BIB: These guys in Kerala politics do lot of galatta every year and fight between themselves . We call it as Onathallu :)

@mathew :Hmm, Politics in Kerala is in a sad an pathetic state.KC has been alwasys known as a one man show party. That is why they have defined Kerala Congress as a party that splits as it grows and grows as it splits

Jac said...

I was in your country watching Nehru Trophy and returned only on 29th Aug.

Check my next Onam present for you.

Visakh said...

u forgot to mention one thing..the exclusive rights for the show is for Jai Hind TV (for those who came late - its the latest channel launched by our own congress..)..touted to be the largest n/w in India in two years...

Adorable Pancreas said...

Hmmm... Politics... Not my area at all. But I'm enough of a mallu to laugh.

Hope you had a great onam. I did!

Nariyal Chutney said...

Jac : It was a sweet post :). Dhankz.Hope u enjoyed Nehru Trophy as well :P.

Vishakh : POliticians are always good at giving unrealistic predictions :)

AP : I had a great Onam . Dhankz . U r doing it right because you are concentrating on the Pancreas of your patients than the politics of Kerala

anupama said...

avar thalete!!thalli valarate!!so dat they dont stop entertaining us!!!

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