Monday, September 03, 2007

Saree Sansar

I bought a Saree.

I bought it from Seematti in Kochi.

I thought buying clothes were always easy till I entered Seematti Saree Sansar and saw all those ladies buying sarees.The shop is aptly named because all the ladies out there forgot the rest of the world and were thinking sari sansar was in the middle of sarees of all those vivid , bright and light colors in that shop.

I Know ! I can see guys twitching in your chair. Nothing Doing! Buying a Saree is such a difficult process . It is not like a jeans or T shirt. It was Onam and I was meeting my mother after six months so I decided to do something Special and took her to Seematti.My God! Pandora's Box of consumer behavior thrown open by all ladies in the shop.

Generally when I go with my friends to purchase something for them or me it is such an easy process.

If < You Like>
Then < Try and Purchase>
Else < Pick Another and finish it soon and do better things in life>

Everything done in 15 minutes flat.

While the purchase of a Saree seems to be a difficult process or phenomenon.I cant describe how difficult the process is because it is so difficult even to describe . It may take as much effort and time as sacking a minister from Kerala cabinet.It took so much time but since I am a good, understanding son and all, I kept mum and did not make any burps or suggestions and generally did not ogle at any other gals of my age group in the Shop. I didn't even tell her how impatiently my brother and father was looking at their watches after few hours.

Three of us looked at each other fifteen times and had three tea and coffee before the first "worthy for consideration" saree arrived.

"What do you think about this stuff?. It is rose silk." - She asked me after holding the saree with so much pyaar and care.

" I think it is very good , you look good in all sarees. Where is the cash counter?"

"Shudduup , All men have very bad taste. How will you buy a Saree for your wife?"

" I will take you with me " I grin.

She smiles ."But the color is bad. This is rose "

I cant differentiate between rose silk and rose milk . SO I didnt say anything

Then Madurapattu came , then Lucknowi@$#@ came , then banarasi @!#@!# came and finally after the salesman almost indicated that almost all the stuff of which some 20000+ sarees in Seematti were made of has finished , mom liked a stuff which was again rosesilk.Once the stuff was finalised then it was the color.

After going through almost all the Permutations and Combinations of Red , Green and Blue Possible , suddenly a saree popped up and Pleasant surprise. Three men of her life sagely offered our agreement to the choice. It was a combined decision of the family as they say :). Three people were happy at last the fourth person made a decision. The saree was absolutely drop dead, mindblowingly and aesthetically gorgeous, which is obviously a cue for her to say “Do you have more patterns of the same color with handy works?”.

The salesman almost jumped down from the third floor of Seematti and committed suicide when he heard that question. But good for him and good for us there was no other saree available with same color and handyworks and we were done.

I think this is a tremendous achievement because we had visited one shop, saw less than 40+sarees, and actually bought one after spending some hours. There was an uncle near me giving us helpless guy glances that only a guy will understand with his wife and two daughters and he was still in the middle of purchasing a saree when we started and when we finished. God save that Uncle.

P S: Ladies , Please dont comment for this post :) till you read this post


Attribution said...

Shopping for one saree is painful, but think of being stuck in a situation when you have to select 1-20 for a marriage in your family while keeping in mind their favorite colors, textures, designs, pallu designs and the matching bangles, matching earings, and even kerchiefs.
When everything is ok some corner of the saree looked odd from some odd angle when looked at from a particular direction under a particular light.

I went through this hell some time back.

mathew said...

Suffer from similar trauma when I go with Mom..But then luckily I resign to the fact and spend the time to catch a nice nap in some corner of the shop! ;-P

Flyaway Mind said...

how can you expect us to buy a sari without looking thru' all those drop-dead,vast collection of 40+ creative ,worked sarees.. ;) what if buy the first one and there was another better one in store, only if u guys had the patience is an art..aint it? :P

Anonymous said...

This is the problem with all men and guys in the world . None of you have patience .

wanderlust said...

ha ha, just wait till you get married and get to go shopping with your wife. this time you at least had your dad and brother to share the agony

Black is beautiful said...


I know a family which takes lunch packets to the shop so that they can eat and choose their sarees at the same time :)

God save men :(

Seema said...

Wait till you have to bear your own KURISHU Lol...meanwhile u can share the agony wtih Father n Bro !

Adorable Pancreas said...

Even a veteran like Amma gets irritated if she ever goes shopping with me. I think that's a new high. :)

Nariyal Chutney said...

@ attribution,wanderlust : Marriage Shopping comes only once in life :) and since it is marriage you have your better half to concentrate on. So Your own marriage shoppingw ont be so boring :D

@mathew:In the shop , I went they had wide sofas may be for people like you (us) :).This suggestion will be employed in next shopping :D.

@BIB:God save men like you and me . The saree shops in Chennai were more entertaining at least , they had special places for men who came with women :).

@Seema: ;P. It becomes a Kurishu only when a stranger walks into your life. But if you know the person then you may love to go out with him / her . Actually I love going out with my mom and watching ehre slecting sarees :).

@AP: Hi Hi , The gals of your generation prefer Churidars to sarees, may be your amma may be cross with that :D.

നവരുചിയന്‍ said...

u got a funny way of telling incidents .... i laughed a lot ...keep it up ,