Thursday, December 13, 2007

Hello Bali

" Sir , you have won a one week holiday in Bali"

"What?? Where is Bali?"

"It is in INDONESIA"

"You can also opt for a holiday in Kandy , Goa or Kerala"

"Where is Kandy?"

"It is in Sri Lanka. Sir , you were one of the 50 selected out of 50000 people."

"Are you sure?"

"Sir , You have also won a Kitchen Set and a temporary membership in XYZ Club in Mumbai"

I was "idinjupolinju " down with fever and started laughing and smiling and grinning all at the same time after disconnecting the phone. There is this kick you get when you hear that you are getting some nice things with out spending a paise.

If you are wondering who are those people who win all those umpteen contests / lucky draws , then I am one of those and all those contests where I don't win prizes are plain frauds :).I am regular at winning things and I have a long list of things at home that I have won through lucky draws. First thing was a photo frame . Next was a 700 W 5 in 1 CD Player . There is also a large collection of numerous T shirts with some known and unknown brand names.

In 2006 I had won a football and a T shirt as a part of the world cup football contest of CNN and it has been two years since Matarazzi had head butted Zidane but the prizes has still not been dispatched from CNN headquarters to Kerala. The best contests to participate are the contests that are effortless as simple as writing on a paper with a pen.If you don't win anything there should be no regrets . If you deserve it , it will come to you . Not only things you win but anything and everything that you deserve will come to you provided you make the efforts.

My parents may go to Bali , Sri Lanka , Goa or even Kerala next year sometime between April and September for this one week holiday . It is high time that they leave Kaiser alone and go somewhere for a holiday.


Coconut Chutney said...


From one coconut to another


Malaysian Girl said...

Bali is very pretty, y'know.. :)

Anonymous said...

Oh man. I refuse to believe that there are people who win lucky draws!... I've never won anything!!!

Jokes apart, congrats! (Hmmm, where's all the sin you're doing going? Isn't God listening? ;))

ursjina said...

I am green with envy!!!..why dont u give a lil of dat for me as a christmas

Nariyal Chutney said...

@ Coconut Chutney : Dhanks , Cyber Twin .

@Malaysian Girl : :). Yupz , Dhanks . But I heard girls there are also pretty :D

@Shikha: Yupz , People do win lucky draws :) . Yaaa Yaa , god is surely listening :D

@Jina: :) , I think it is already booked . But I will put you in waiting list :)

Malaysian Girl (again) said...

yup. u heard right.

The Lonely Backpacker said...

why did you disable the comments on the latest post on chennai superstars ?

felt like watching "thalaivar's movie " :D...

Nariyal Chutney said...

Hi Hi :) . It was not mine :P. Comments are opened only when you want to know the opinion of people on some original post of yours .