Friday, October 12, 2007

S Sreesanth - Indian "Wild" 'Child'(?)

"Indian wild child Shanthakumaran Sreesanth's running feud with Andrew Symonds looks set to escalate after it was revealed the paceman got in the allrounder's face in an off the field incident during Monday's one day international."

Clapping on Symonds face. Wow !!! Us mein hein Baath!!!! Now Sreesanth may or may not act in a tooth paste ad.

That is really something . For instance how can psycho Sreesanth reach till his long hair . It would have been better to give an imposition to Symonds to write Shanthakumaran Sreesanth australian score in matches times. The mystery of tongue twisting Mallu and other South Indian names , the only thing left unconquered by Australians.

The half human half animal Andrew Symonds has a feud with Psycho 'child' Sreesanth wrote someone here .

A furious Ricky Ponting has labelled fresh charges against Sreesanth claiming that he sledged batsmen from the boundary line during the fourth ODI at Chandigarh , wrote someone here.

We saw Sreesanth glaring on our TV Screens and all of us know that if Symonds Pooh Poohs , Sreesanth may fly away but the camera focuses only on Sreesanth's face. Actually if you know what happens in the cricket field. Look below!

Do you see what I see? . The great "Mallu" courage .


Thomas Sebastian said...

hmm, i think all he wants is some media attention. Even he gets chucked out of the team, he has earned enough bucks to live opulently from the T20 series.

Ajith said...

He has good potential to the Shoaib Akthar way, getting suspensions and fines on top of one another :)

Jo said...

LOL! I also wrote a post on him. :-)

Nariyal Chutney said...

@ Thomas Sebastian : He could have earned more if he had remained calm :).

@ajith: Shoaib Aktar is extreme . At least Psycho Sreesanth looks normal outside the field unlike Shoaib Akthar

@Jo:Yupz , I saw the post but he is under control even now . So what will you write when he goes out of control :)

Hindi Movies Online said...

Check out this dance by Sreesanth :

I think he clean bowled Shahrukh !!